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Under the aegis of the Conseil québécois de la franchise (CQF), the Académie québécoise de la franchise (AQF) is pleased to offer you this online training course "Becoming a franchisee", which will enable you to identify the opportunities and risks associated with becoming a franchisee: you'll discover the essential steps in the methodology surrounding a franchise project, and will be able to fully understand whether this project is right for you and then move forward.

The training is also relevant for professionals who have franchisees as customers, and who wish to fully understand what a franchise is and how this business model influences their customers' reality.

French only. Complete online training, at your own pace. Cost: $39



Académie québécoise de la franchise

L'Académie québécoise de la franchise (AQF) empowers franchises through customized training and tools to drive enhanced economic performance.

Becoming a franchisee