Agricultural and agri-food production, the heart of our MRC

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The entire pantry within easy reach!

In all, some 86% of the area is protected for agricultural purposes. A major contributor to the region's economy, the agricultural sector accounts for over 1,260 jobs and generates revenues of $124 million.

More than 80% of the MRC Pierre-De Saurel is farmland. The agri-food sector is an important pillar of our regional economy. There are currently 375 farms on the territory, with 36,000 hectares under cultivation:

  • 25%
    are involved in dairy production;
  • 30%
    cereal and protein crops;
  • 10%
    beef cattle production;
  • 11%
    pork production;
  • 16%
    market gardening;
  • 8%
    specialized crops and production.

Increasingly, these traditional activities are being complemented by the emergence of agri-tourism, with specialized products such as berries, herbs, endives, asparagus, maple products, beekeeping, lamb rearing, artisan cheeses and country-style dining.

Paysage agricole

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