An innovative technology ecosystem

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A community at the service of technological evolution

Over the past few years, our region has seen the emergence of a dynamic technology ecosystem, bringing together the college community, socio-economic players and a number of major companies in the technology industry. This fruitful collaboration fosters the development of innovative projects that benefit us all. This active presence of various players in the ecosystem contributes to making our region a forward-looking, innovative hub.

Digital marketing strategy agencies, ergonomic and interactive software designers, video game creators, Web and mobile application developers and programmers, cloud computing experts: our region is packed with recognized and esteemed experts.

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Discover our other main sectors

  • An industry that has been part of our identity for over 300 years.

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  • Applied research and an exceptional pool of expertise available to investors.

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    Industrial ecology
  • The food industry sector is an important pillar of our regional economy. We have a business for every section of the pantry!

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  • The Steel Highway region stands out for its unrivalled expertise in the metallurgical field.

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