Business support

Our business advisors offer you free, personalized support at every stage of your business project.


How can we help you?

  • Soutien au travail autonome
    Self-employment support
    Support and financial assistance for those who want to become self-employed.
  • Soutien aux entreprises
    Support for businesses
    Consulting that adapts to your needs to help your business grow.
  • Fonds régions et ruralité
    Regions and Rurality Fund
    Provided by MAMH, this fund promotes local and regional development in the region.
  • Business start-up assistance
    Business start-up assistance
    Full support for business start-ups.
  • Relève et croissance d'entreprise
    Business succession and growth
    Personalised support throughout the repreunarial process.
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Pierre-De Saurel industrial symbiosis

An industrial symbiosis is a network of companies, organizations and communities linked by exchanges of residual materials, expertise, equipment and services.

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Business location in the region

Let us introduce you to the market and our region.

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Some of the companies we have helped

DÉPS was a key element in the successful creation of my business. I had the opportunity to obtain financial assistance, which enabled me to create my business on a solid footing. Thank you DÉPS! Laurianne Choquette - Choquette Illustrations
This is the survival rate of accompanied companies after two years.

DÉPS can take you further than you think.