Self-employment support

Financial and technical assistance for self-employed workers or those wishing to become one.

Soutien au travail autonome
Self-employment support-DÉPS

Self-employment support

Program objective

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The Soutien au Travail Autonome program provides financial and technical support to people wishing to start up or take over a business, or become self-employed.

Not sure if you qualify for this program?

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Admission criteria

To qualify, you must have experience and skills relevant to the project. You must also have a down payment consistent with the total cost of the project, and belong to one of the following categories:

  • Income Security Provider (ISP)
  • Employment Insurance Participant (EIP)
  • Unemployed and without financial support
  • Worker with precarious status

To qualify for assistance, your project:

  • Must be viable and profitable
  • Must meet a local need
  • Must not compete unfairly with similar businesses in the same area

Financial assistance

Financial assistance takes the form of a wage subsidy, which will be assessed and awarded by Services Québec according to your situation.

Entrepreneurial commitment

Once admitted, all promoters must fulfill certain obligations that are, in fact, measures designed to promote business success. Développement économique Pierre-De Saurel is responsible for helping you fulfill these commitments:

  • Draw up a business plan and financial forecasts;
  • Devote yourself full-time to developing your business;
  • Participate in the training program set up by Développement économique Pierre-De Saurel;
  • Submit monthly financial statements for analysis over a 24-month period.

Other conditions may apply and will be explained by the person in charge.